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Traveling for side seeing, and as a tourist in another land might be challenging. Our Traveling Agency is here to give you the best tourism experience in any country of your choice.

When going for tourism, we make reservations for your accommodation (hotel, motel, camping, hostel, holiday village, rest houses, thermal station, beach, patisserie, food. Under this department, we have;

  • Mountain Tourism: Mountains are important tourism destinations worldwide and attract visitors for their scenic beauty, sports attractions and rich cultural heritage. Mountain Tourism is a type of “tourism activity which takes place in a defined and limited geographical space such as hills or mountains with distinctive characteristics and attributes that are inherent to a specific landscape, topography, climate, and biodiversity

Services we provide


  • Spa tourism: Spa tourism is all about healthcare and relaxation; it involves travelling to different spas destination in order to enhance health and wellbeing. No matter the country you are going to, we make spas available for you all in the budget you give to us.
  • Beach Tourism: beach tourism refers to holidays taken for the purpose of staying in or near beaches. It is one of the earliest modern forms of tourism. FAITH TRAVEL AGENCY makes this experience magical for you.
  • Business tourism: Business tourism is the provision of facilities and services to millions of delegates who annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel. Business travel is a more limited and focused compared to the other forms of tourism.
  • Medical Tourism: This is when a person travels to another country for medical care. Depending on the type of health care services you need, our agency makes sure you have a great experience and get the care you need. Also, we keep your health condition so diligently and make sure it does not cross to a third party.

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