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Healthy Hair

At Faith Medical, we do Hair transplant (for both men and women), beards transplant, and also eyebrow transplant.

Hair Transplant

At FAITH MEDICAL, we offer you hair transplant of different categories. That is, hair transplant, beard and mustache transplant, women hair transplant and also eyebrows transplant. Due to the new advanced techniques that are being used by our doctors, hair transplant is not a complicated procedure for our team of doctors.

For the hair transplant, extracting hair follicles from the backside of the head between the head and above the neck “donor area”, is done by using a device called ‘micro-motor’ which is known to be one of the best tools used in the extraction process.

The next stage is opening channels by using the ‘sapphire pen’ and opening the channels will be in a precise way that will be compatible with the natural hair to ensure natural results for hair transplants. The extracted hair follicles are preserved in a special liquid, and lastly, followed by the transplant itself. In order to do hair transplant, it can take about 9 hours first depending on how much hair has to be transplanted and also the time to wait for the extractions.

For most men, having beards is a very big deal and that is why men go in for beard transplant. Fortunately for some men, it is possible to have a beard transplant in this generation. FAITH TRAVEL AGENCY gives you the possibility to have the beard of your dreams. Connecting you with hospitals and doctors specialized in this particular domain. They follow you up from before, during, and even after the transplant.

Hair is considered to be one important aspect for a woman beauty. It gives women self-confidence and it is a way to present her femininity. Having thick, long and healthy hair is every woman dream. It is for this reason that our agency is here to make this dream come through. FAITH TRAVEL AGENCY has the power, equipment’s and team to make this dream come through for you. Just get in touch with us and ay your problem. Leave the rest for our team to guide you.

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